Saturday, May 21, 2011


A couple of weeks ago (after trying to get together all year! :-D) two of my sisters-in-law came over for a sewing class where I taught them how to shirr. I was so nervous before they came over, because I'm really bad at trying to teach people (I would love to improve in that area - I love sharing techniques and ideas with others but just can't get the words out coherently!). But I shouldn't have worried, because they picked up the technique beautifully :-)

Here's what we made :-) My dress is on the left, G's dress for her 6 year old is in the middle and L's dress for her 6 month old is on the right. (sorry about the dark pic - it turned out to be a really cloudy afternoon...). And then my SIL's went further with the shirring... G figured out how to make shirred sleeves for the dress (I had never been able to figure it out before!). And then...

L made this gorgeous shirred headband and sewed on some felt flowers that I cut out using my Big Shot die cutting machine. The shirring technique is so easy and there are plenty of tutorials around to show you how. I'm glad I was able to share this skill with others and help them to enjoy sewing.

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