Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Bapron

What is a Bapron? Simply, a baby apron :-) I found this tutorial on Craftiness is not Optional the other day, and thought it would be perfect to make for my 1 year old, who insists on feeding himself :-) It has more coverage than your average bib, and is a little harder for Mr 1yr old to take it off. I used a plastic "table bib" that my dad had picked up somewhere for free and cut it up to make this (and 3 other baprons). I lined the back with a "vintage" sheet (ie I picked it up from an op shop), and made my own bias tape using a Birch bias tape maker I received for my birthday (an awesome sewing tool). The tutorial uses fabric and flannel for their baprons, but I wanted something I could wipe clean (and could keep off beet root stains!). Oilcloth or any other laminated fabric would probably work well too.

And here's an action shot :-)