Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I went a little crazy...

Do you remember a few posts ago when I showed off the blocks and goofball that I made for my sister-in-law's baby shower? Well, as the baby shower came closer I found more and more tutorials that I wanted to try - I had the material, so I thought why not? ;-) So here's what I ended up making...

I had a couple of singlets put away that were a more t-shirt like material than your general singlet type ribbed material. So I decided to add a couple of sleeves and applique the middle...

(I'm actually working on my first ever tutorial to show you how to make these sleeves... Hopefully it will be up soon!)

A shirred baby skirt from Creation Corner... Yes I am a little addicted to shirring...

A pair of Big Butt Baby pants from the pattern by Made By Rae. These pants are designed with an extra panel in the back to be able to fit over cloth nappies. These are probably more like 3/4 length on a newborn, and I've added a couple of rows of shirring to the legs to make a cuff (yes, more shirring again ;-D)

A nursing cover from the pattern by Christina from Sometimes Crafter:

And I pulled out my Stampin' Up! supplies to make a card and decorate a gift bag:

It was so much fun to go a little crazy :-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Antiqued Brisbane Temple picture

A few months ago while blog-surfing I came across this tutorial to make a temple block using an antiqued picture of the temple. And Kristyn from Lil' Luna was offering to antique other temple pictures. So I emailed a picture of the Brisbane Temple that Jason had taken. It took a little while, but the antiqued picture of the Brisbane Temple is finally there!

They also have the picture available with no words, and instructions for editing the picture to add your own phrase. Head on over and check it out!