Sunday, April 24, 2011

Keeping out the cold

I'm really bad at this blogging thing aren't I :-) Anyway, this past month has included a family holiday to Tasmania so I'm sure you'll excuse the blog neglect!

Before we went to Tasmania I made some scarves and hoods for the boys to help protect their Queensland bodies from the cold. They definitely came in handy! I used the Lion Brand Yarn Mini Trick Hat pattern with a couple of minor alterations (no front flap and no extra round of stitching all around the hat... I was running out of wool!) for the hoods and made up my own patterns for the scarves. Unfortunately I've lost the name of the wool, but it was a really thick wool (which helped these come together so quickly). I do know that I tried to search online for some more but the company doesn't make it any more.

This scarf is knitted. Since it was for the 11 month old, I added buttons so that it couldn't be pulled tight around his neck.

Crocheted scarf using maize stitch.

Crocheted scarf using treble stitch.

And here are some action shots...

They definitely kept us warm and toasty :-)

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