Sunday, January 15, 2012

Getting ready for Sunday :-)

My boys needed new shirts for church, and after searching for an inexpensive white shirt for my eldest son I decided to face my fears of sewing a button-up white shirt and actually give it a go. (I've been having issues with my automatic button-hole foot... ending up with buttonholes that are way too big for the button and lots of unpicking...) And to my surprise, it turned out really well :-)

Then I tried making a tie using the toddler tie tutorial from Lil' Blue Boo. And things didn't go so well with that. As you can see, its a bit too long for my boy, I used an interfacing that was a little too thick so the tie is really stiff, and I didn't hand sew the top (I did the elastic version) so now the tie has pulled out from under the knot. Oh well. It only took me about an hour or so from start to finish to make the tie so I know what to do next time :-)

And for son No 2 I appliqued some tie shapes onto onesies - the easiest way to wear a tie :-)

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