Sunday, March 27, 2011


One of my bad crafting tendencies is to get all excited about a project, going out and buying all the supplies... and then leaving them to sit in the (overflowing...) craft cupboard while I move onto something else :-) I've had the material for these cushions for about 18 months now. My original plan was to make this zigzag pattern from A Quilt is Nice - which is probably why it has been sitting there for so long. Cutting out is definitely my least favourite part of sewing. I'd rather just get straight in and sew. Anyway, I looked through the Sewing Bits and Pieces book that I received for Christmas and found this cushion cover pattern and decided that it looked much easier :-)

The material I've used is a fat quarter bundle that I'd found at Spotlight - I think there were 5 co-ordinating materials, and used a navy cotton fabric for the plain rectangles and for the backing.

(Just ignore the baby bottle lid in the photo...)

I'm really happy with the way these turned out. And I have a little bit more room in my craft cupboard now that the cushion inserts are gone :-)

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