Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Teaching my kids to be crafty

I was reading a blog the other day (I really wish I could remember which blog it was) where they wrote about how they felt that they were creative as an adult because their parents were both creative and allowed them access to art and craft materials to do whatever they want. It made me think about whether I am raising my kids to be creative. Son #1 definitely has an active imagination - its amazing what he can imagine something as simple as a skirt hanger to be - today it was a trumpet, previously its been a pogo stick or a conductors baton. But I struggle to let him be crafty - mostly because I hate the idea of having to clean up after him... (painting is a very special treat) and because I am such a hoarder that its hard to let him use things that I've been collecting for "just in case". But inspired by the aforementioned post and by the Useful Box on Playschool I put together a box with some of my collected craft items (pipe cleaners, ribbon, wool and stickers), paper and other items from around the house (like cupcake papers and cotton balls) to be used as his Useful Box. It's been a hit so far - he loves playing with his useful box. Granted that mostly at the moment it involves a lot of glue and not much else - luckily I only let him use a glue stick! And I'm still struggling with the whole "mess" aspect. But hopefully it will help my kids develop their own crafty sides.

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