Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A little bit of bling...

One of my goals for 2011 is to finish projects. I have so many UFO's (unfinished objects...) around the house that I really need to complete before I start anything else. I have had some jewellery kits sitting on my desk for over 6 months now so I decided it was time to do something about it!

First up... these glass tile pendants: I bought this kit from Annie Howes just after baby no 2 was born in April. And then they just sat there on my desk :-) The kit comes with all the adhesives etc that you need - the only thing it really doesn't come with is a chain. These pendants are about 3cm in diameter.

Next up are these earrings and necklace. The earrings are from a free kit that came with (I think) the September issue of Better Homes and Gardens. When I received a matching kit for Christmas I decided to use that kit to create a matching necklace.

This next pair of earrings are from a kit from Signature Beads. I don't actually remember when I bought these... possibly over a year ago!

Next up are some necklaces for my sister. My sister is into things that are a little bit gothy, so when I found these on Snapcrafty I knew I was onto a winning Christmas present (even though they arrived from the States just before New Years ;-D)

And finally, some small earrings, again from Snapcrafty. Snapcrafty have all the cabochons, posts and earring backs and all you have to do is glue the post onto the cabochon (the resin flower things). These are about 1cm across. I really like the ice cream ones!

So... what is your favourite?


  1. Definitely like the IceCream ones. :-)

  2. ohhhh I love the Glass Tile ones! Totally up my alley! :) Aren't you so clever though - this is totally outside the realms of paper crafting! I am very impressed! :)