Saturday, December 18, 2010

Block Party

Almost a month ago now I attended a workshop with Adele where we made these blocks:

The pictures don't do justice to how good these look :-) They are about 7cm square and look great on my shelf. After finding out how easy they are to do (and after finding out that my husband has a drop saw and can cut the blocks for me!) I wandered off to Bunnings and bought some wood, and made some more smaller blocks for my Visiting Teaching sisters for Christmas. These smaller blocks are about 4 cm square (42mm to be exact...)

Then I made some blocks for my brother and his wife for their anniversary (just because I could!)

Thanks Adele for your quick and easy idea!


  1. They look great! I really wanted to make more, but don't feel like cleaning up all the sanding dust ;0)

  2. I know what you mean! :-) Luckily my ENJO glove is good for cleaning that up ;-) Plus I'm a bit lazy and don't sand the edges first, and try to do all the sanding onto newspaper or all the junk mail that we've been getting, so I just wrap it all up and throw it away.

  3. These look AMAZING dianne!!! After our class I went and got another post cut up and did them for gifts as well - it wan't until I was on my last set that I realised if you corner round the edges on the paper first all you really have to do is wipe the sand paper over the paper to distress and its done!!!! So annoyed at myself as I then had to go back and SAND 20 blocks!!! And yes, the sawdust was killer - I think I totally burned my sinus passages! :) Your blocks look AMAZING - I love the little ones lots and lots and I relaly like the bows on yours - so sweet. And HOW convenient that your husband can make them for you - YAY! xxx xxx xxx